We mainly manufacture parts for steam turbines such as:
  • valve parts [spindles, bushings],
  • turbine regulation parts [sliders, pistons]
  • fasteners [bolts, nuts, washers], 
  • assembly and disassembly of components,
  • valve parts - we make diffusers, labyrinth bushings, throttles,
  • turbine regulation parts - we reconstruct details without drawings, manufacture various types of sliders, bodies of servomotors, oil system cubes - all details are ground down (planes, inner and outer diameters),
  • fasteners - we drill long holes in pins, as well as in other bodies, we make external and internal threads.
Thread types:
  • turbine, metric, inch, trapezoidal, pipe, American [UNC, UNF] threads,
  • component repairs - we perform major and medium repairs
    experience and machinery park we have, allows us to carry out difficult and precise orders.

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